We’ve re-introduced our workshops this year!

Many of you will remember that in 2013 we had November Workshops that were a lot of fun. The positive feedback was overwhelming and we hoping to bring them back on a more regular occurrence.

Earlier this month we had a class by Phillip Kay (Inked Quills: Fountain Pen Workshop // Filling Systems and Ancient Inks) and Rhonda Miller (My Handbound Books: Leather Journal Bookbinding Workshop). Both are returning instructors that we hope to invite back for even more workshops.

Upcoming are three more workshops! Quilling, DIY Envelopes, and Scribble&Script. Plenty of exciting classes to choose from and spaced over the next three weeks (so plenty of time to sign up for at least one).

On September 16th we have a class hosted by our own in-house designer, Rebecca Dimock. With Rebecca you will learn a few basic quilling techniques and shapes and leave the class with two cards and new skills to make more at home.

QuillingPostYou can keep up to date with our events through our Facebook and Twitter pages.



The Duly Noted Team


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