Soft Touches

day of wedding stationery custom made by duly noted stationery with elegant productions

Some weddings are all about the glitz and glamour. Some elegant and some simple.

We love to design for every kind of affair. From gold glitter envelope liners to our classic pearl white cardstock, it is always a treat to meet our new couple and see what kind of journey they will start with us.

Sometimes a couple wants to downplay the extravagance of the details or create items that will will blend perfectly into the background. Either way, they want their details to be just as they envisioned, or better.

We love to get a feel for the look you are aiming for and create stationery to match. It’s exciting to help achieve a look a couple has in mind, or have the freedom to create something special for couples who are open to all possibilities.

What kind of stationery would you choose for your special day? It’s always a treat to find out.

Come in for a free consultation and start dreaming of the details.

We would love to help!


The Duly Noted Team


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