Rainy Maritime Weddings

Well, it happens.

Celebrations on our lovely coast sometime come with damp weather, grey skies, and a bit of water sprinkling from the sky. This doesn’t mean your day is anything less than magical!

Keep in mind that no matter what happens this day is as it’s meant to be. Sometimes the rain will add an extra cozy, special, and carefree feeling, and can be fun to play in when celebrating.

Certainly the photos still look lovely:

Halifax Wedding Photographer, Candace Berry Photography, Halifax Nova Scotia, Ocean Stone Resort
Photo by Candace Berry Photography | candaceberry.com

Fog, mist, and grey skies can do wonderful things for your photography scenes.

Enjoy your day for whatever it brings, and remember that even stationery can survive the most unlikely weather!

And so do your memories.


The Duly Noted Team

Photos from the website of an incredibly talented local photographer Candace Berry


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