To DIY or not to DIY wedding stationery

this is a photo of a custom wedding place card customized and made by Duly Noted Stationery in Halifax, Nova ScotiaHello Dear Friends,

Last week one of our brides from last summer came in and as usual, we were delighted to see her and hear about her special day. One interesting note was that she wished she had used Duly Noted Stationery to do her place cards.

We did her custom invitations and a seating chart for the wedding, however the place cards were something she thought she could easily do on her own. It does sound easy enough: printing out some names and folding the cards. However, it takes a lot more time than one may expect.

Finding enough matching cardstock, selecting your font, design, fiddling with the printer, hand cutting, folding, and keeping track of all the guest names, adds up to a lot of time and pressure.

For our lovely bride, this time and effort was not worth it.

When you order custom stationery with us, you get the luxury of:

– a custom and personalized design

– picking up physical proofs and seeing exactly what they will look like on your table

– making changes and tweaks with ease

– sending off an email with your guest names and leaving the rest to us

– picking up your stationery, wrapped in ribbon and tissue organized by table, and ready to set out for your big day

We want to make this experience special and exciting, instead of stressful or draining.

The time before your wedding is something to be enjoyed, treasured, and we like to help make it special.

Let us take care of the details and you can enjoy the day.


The Duly Noted Team


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