OH DINA! Flower Crown Workshop

On April 30th OH DINA! architect Nicole McInnis and her mum Sandy hosted a Flower Crown Workshop at accompanied by Charlotte from The Flower Shop, Teddy & Nicole From Nicole Lapierre Photography, and the amazing team at FRED. on Agricola!

Rebecca, Lisa, and Kate all eagerly grabbed up their tickets as soon as they were available and we’re so lucky they did since it sold out so fast. The whole night was wonderful. On arriving there were tables with beautiful settings and a main table pouring with flowers. To walk in you passed the many potted and bouquets of flowers by The Flower Shop and Fred’s team was serving hot and chilled beverages to parched guests.

Here are some snaps from the night.


The tables were all set for us with the bare crowns and some foliage.


No crown. So plain!


Nicole and Sandy demonstrated how to wrap your crown.

It’s very important that the wrapped ends go in the front so that your flowers end up covering that bit.

It also give the flowers more surface to wrap around.


You pick your flowers from the over-flowing tiers on a large table.


A perfected combination of large, medium, and small flowers as well as some additional foliage.

At this point we started arranging the flowers and developing our ideas.


An idea! But now we have to start fixing the flowers to the crown.

There are little bits of floral wire to help but there’s lots of weaving ahead.


Nicole and Sandy explain that it’s good to have the flowers positioned so you see flowers when you look up and down.

Hmmn, I’m not settled at this point. I think it’s the big daisy.


Two blossoms look much better. I’m done!

Now to go see Fred and his team for a make-over!

08FinalCrownFeeling fabulous! Fred’s team made me feel gorgeous!

I walked out with a fantastic flower crown and a pot of pretty flowers from The Flower Shop.


The next day we wore our crowns to work.


Duly Noted Stationery now carries the Flower Crown Kits by OH DINA!

They’re 29.95 each and no two packs have the same colour combinations.

They make lovely gifts and are a fun activity for one person or a group.

Can you imagine doing these at a birthday, bridal, or tea party?

– Kate


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