Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is tomorrow and there is a possibility that not all of your shopping is finished. If that is the case we are open today from 9:30 till 6, and below will be a bunch of suggestions for the loved ones in your life.

One of the many things I love about Duly Noted is their amazing selection of unique gift wrapping paper. If I have unlimited funds I would spend all of my money on wrapping paper for crafting and fountain pens. This year’s selection for the holidays is just as stunning as previous years and if you want something truly unique for friends and loved ones make sure to stop by and pick up a sheet or two.

Pens and paper are part of what makes duly noted so great. There is a huge selection of stationery to suit all of your needs and they are always bringing in new items and will be happy to order in something they don’t have. Space pens are always popular because they allow you to write without worrying about skipping because it was designed to work in zero gravity, and comes in a variety of colours. Parker pens is celebrating its 125th anniversary and has been releasing special editions of all of their pens. The famous Jotter has a bunch of really interesting colours.

As for the paper there are cards, journals, notebooks and lots of paper. Check out these amazing handmade journals by a local artisan. MyHandboundJournals come in a variety of colours and sizes, and she uses some of the most amazing leather. Field Notes are from the United States and every years they release a variety of different themes and colours. They are so popular that they offer a subscription service and some spend crazy amounts of money to collect them all.

All of us here at Duly Noted hope you all have a safe and Happy Christmas, and maybe we will see you in the store today.



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