Faber-Castell Ambition & LOOM

Hey Duly Noted Fans,

A little while ago we received some brand new pens into the store. These are completely new pens to us, and so I took the opportunity to test out the new Ambition pen.

Below is a collection of all of the pens that we carry, and we should be able to order in any of their other pens as special order products.

Faber & Castell Pens

Faber-Castell Ambition:

IMG_20130502_134922What can I say about this pen? I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this pen for the price. These pens range in price from 105.95-155.95, depending on the materials, and have the quality and feel of a pen twice this price.

The packaging is about what you expect from a pen in this price range. It is a simple, white cardboard box, that does an adequate job of protecting and showcasing the pen. An interesting feature of the box is that is a slip case. I am a bit of a sucker for neat, and interesting case designs and this style is a first for me. You will often see expensive pens with a slip case over the inner box, but this if the first time I have seen the slip case used as the box itself.

Now to the pen itself. The one that I tested is the medium nib, with a black resin body. I had to look up the specks of the pen on the F-C website because the body felt like African Blackwood or some other precious wood. Even though the pen tested is not wood the Ambition does have to wooden options. A pearwood and coconut. The pens with the resin bodies maintain the warmth that you would expect from wood, and make the pen very comfortable to use of long writing sessions. The real surprise of this pen was the steel nib. It just glided over the paper I was using for my writing sample. The paper I used was a Rhodia DotPad, which has a very smooth writing surface, but even with some of my other steel nibs I get resistance using this kind of paper. The response I received from this nib was on par with some of my 18k gold Pelikan nibs. Below you can see the photo of my writing sample using Noodler’s Purple Martin.


This pen is a fantastic deal for the price, material and quality of the nib. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great mid-level pen with the writing experience of a high-end pen.


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