Custom Invitations

Here at Duly Noted we all have our favourite custom invitations. That’s the thing with custom is that you can make it all your own and speak to the style of your wedding exactly the way you want to. We have a few different books you can look through in the store including: Floral, Nature Inspired, Modern, Classic and New Designs. A new favourite style of ours is typography, it uses your words as the graphics. By using different complementary fonts you can make a very eye catching design. Depending on the fonts you choose, you’ll find you can portray many styles. A few samples we have are Art Deco, Western and Modern.

First you choose the style you are looking for, what reflects your wedding best. Of course you want it to reflect the two of you as a couple too. The best thing is when someone says “Wow, this invite looks like you.” It really gives them a feel of what to expect at the celebration. Some invites can be simple and understated on a flat card while others can be elaborate and complex in a pocket fold with ribbon and embellishments.

Choosing your papers is the next step in this process. This is a big part, we really like to showcase our beautiful papers and we have a wide selection. You can look through our wide variety and we usually have a colour that is exactly or very similar to one of the colours you have chosen to use throughout your wedding. We have matte which is really great for the understated, they also have a more natural look. If you are having a rustic style wedding, matte is probably going to be one of your choices. Then we have shine which adds a little sparkle, it’s a little more glitzy. We have a few different kinds of shine. Some are less sparkly and just show a hint of shine. Others are great if you are looking for some glam paper. If you are doing a more diamonds are forever kind of style you will probably want to include some shine.

You need to have an envelope to put your invites into right? (unless you have a postcard style invite, which does exist) Envelopes have changed through out the years, they used to be very particular and there was a certain way you address and mailed them. It was very common to use an inner and an outer envelope, but with our custom invites we only use one to do the work of two. It used to be a faux pas to print your addresses but we now see if very often and it is especially helpful if you have a large guest list (reduces hand cramping). We can also print an element of your design on the outside of your envelope to tie it in with your invite. Envelope liners are also a very popular element, they come in all styles and patterns. There are many colours envelopes come in too.

Putting your invite into a pocket can add a little more dimension to your piece. Having to open it up and take out the inserts adds an element of interactivity to it. These pockets are very elegant and can also come in many colours and many, many shapes and sizes. Tie it all together with a seal, ribbon or a band.

Choosing your wording can be tricky, but our consultants are trained to help you every step of the way. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you want to include your parents names, or your middle names or what order everything goes in. Don’t fret we have etiquette covered and we won’t let you forget anything.

Come into the store for an in-depth free consultation. Give us a call  at 902 446 5605 and book an appointment. Our friendly staff would be happy to help you with your custom invites.



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