Busy Bees!

Hello Everyone,

We haven’t made a post in quite sometime. We have been busy little bees here at DN. Our wedding season is in full force with custom and book invitations along with day of stationery. Our manager Stephanie has gone on maternity leave with her new baby girl Sadie, who was born on April 5 (she is adorable). We have a new manager Diana who has done a great job learning about all the crazy stuff we do here.

Some of you may have heard, or seen the signs in the window at the Trillium building but we are opening a new store called HaliKids. It’s a kids store that carry’s toys, apparel, gifts and lots more. It is scheduled to open in early to mid July. You will have to stop by and see what we have. There are some great kids products out there and we are on the hunt for them to sell at HK. Any suggestions, let us know 😉

Noodler’s Ahab pens have just arrived in the past month and we have been learning all about them. They are a great new pen that have a flex nib. Check out the video on the Noodler’s Website. Our designer Rebecca has been learning how to do copperplate style calligraphy with a flex nib. She raves about the great piston pens.

And of course we can’t forget about Kate and Christian our part time staff. Kate is taking summer courses at Dalhousie and Christian is interning with Rebecca in our design office. They definitely help us keep this place running.


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