Soft Touches

day of wedding stationery custom made by duly noted stationery with elegant productions

Some weddings are all about the glitz and glamour. Some more elegant and simple.

We love to design for every kind of affair. From gold glitter envelope liners to our classic pearl white cardstock, it is always a treat to meet our new bride and see what kind of journey she will start with us.

Sometimes you can downplay the extravagance of the details or instead create items that will will blend perfectly into the background. Either way, you want your details to be just as you envisioned, or better.

We love to get a feel for the look we are aiming for and create stationery to match. It’s exciting to help achieve a look the couple has in mind, or have the freedom to create something special for couples who are open to all possibilities.

What kind of stationery would you choose for your special day? It’s always a treat to find out.

Come in for a free consultation and start dreaming of the details.

We love to help!


Duly Noted Team

Rainy Maritime Weddings

duly noted halifax wedding in the rain candace berry photography

Well, it happens.

Celebrations on our lovely coast sometime come with damp weather, grey skies, and a bit of water sprinkling from the sky. This doesn’t mean your day if less than magical!

Keep in mind that no matter what happens, this day is as it’s meant to be. Sometimes the rain will add an extra cozy, special, and carefree feeling. And can be fun to play in when celebrating.

Certainly the photos still look lovely:

Halifax Wedding Photographer, Candace Berry Photography, Halifax Nova Scotia, Ocean Stone ResortFog, mist, and grey skies can do wonderful things for your photography scenes.

Enjoy your day for whatever it brings, and remember that even stationery can survive the most unlikely weather!

And so do your memories.


Duly Noted Team

Photos from the website of an incredibly talented local photographer Candace Berry

Wedding Menus and Special Details

this is a custom wedding menu made by Duly Noted Stationery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaWe enjoy creating special details for our clients, and it’s fun to make your wedding day special for your guests with your own details.

Menus and other personalized items are a lovely feature for any event. When your guests sit down, they have something to pick up, admire, and these items make them feel like true guests being served and treated.

It’s smart to outline the meal ahead, and it creates instant excitement.

You can also add details like a Thank You message, include the wedding #hashtag, and let them know what’s happening after the meal. We love to make sure guests are leaving room for cake, the late night snack, or getting their dance game ready!

Menus are fun to read, special to receive, and an elegant touch to your dreamy wedding.

We would love to talk menus with you anytime, stop by or book an appointment on our website!

Love and happy eating,

Duly Noted Team

To DIY or not to DIY wedding stationery

this is a photo of a custom wedding place card customized and made by Duly Noted Stationery in Halifax, Nova Scotia

this is a photo of a custom wedding place card customized and made by Duly Noted Stationery in Halifax, Nova ScotiaHello dear friends,

Last week one of our brides from last summer came in and as usual, we were delighted to see her and hear about her special day. One interesting note was how she wished she had used Duly Noted Stationery to do her place cards.

We did her custom invitations, and a seating chart for the wedding, however the place cards was something she thought she could easily do on her own. DIY style, you know? And it does sound easy enough. Printing out some names and folding them. However it takes a lot more time than one may expect.

Finding enough matching cardstock, selecting your font, design, fiddling with the printer, hand cutting, folding, and keeping track of all the guest names, adds up to a lot of time and pressure.

For our lovely bride, this time and effort was not worth the cost.

When you order custom stationery with us, you get the luxury of:

– a custom and personalized design

– picking up physical proofs and seeing exactly what they will look like on your table

– making changes and tweaks with ease

– sending off an email with your guest names and voila!

– picking up your stationery, wrapped in ribbon, and ready to set out for your big day

We want to make this experience special and exciting, instead of stressful or draining.

The time before your wedding is something to be enjoyed, treasured, and we love to help make it special.

Let us take care of the details, and you can enjoy the day.

Love always,

Duly Noted Team

Walk into your wedding

this is a photo of duly noted stationery showing customized stationery consulting

We love the new people and stories that pop up in our shop.

Today a bride walked into our store looking to set up invitations for her wedding, just one month away!

Of course we love challenges and excitement, and it is our pleasure to meet a request like hers.

Within one hour, we had helped her design custom invitations that will feature a Nova Scotia outline and heart over Halifax, where she and her fiance met.

And in one afternoon, she was able to check that item off her list and know that soon her friends and family will be getting special invitations for her special day. And we got to meet a new special client, and a new love story.

We love appointments at our location in downtown Halifax.  We also love new brides, walk ins, and any surprise you want to throw our way!

Hope to see you soon,

Duly Noted Team

Day Of Stationery in Halifax

We love Day of Stationery. There is something thrilling about preparing the small details that will be a part of your special day.

We like to combine quality paper, elegant design, and personalized details to create items that are both functional and fashionable.

From place cards to programs, menus to miniature signs, seating charts, favour tags, or notes for the happy couple, we get pretty excited for any ideas that come our way.

It is fun to imagine them as a part of your occasion, and see your reaction when you pick them up!

this is a photo of day of stationery custom created in halifax nova scotia for a wedding or special event

Do you have any stationery needs for an upcoming wedding or event?

Book an appointment on our website, stop by our downtown Halifax boutique, or email us any examples or ideas.

Love to love stationery!

Duly Noted Staff

OH DINA! Flower Crown Workshop

On April 30th OH DINA! architect Nicole McInnis and her mum Sandy hosted a Flower Crown Workshop at accompanied by Charlotte from The Flower Shop, Teddy & Nicole From Nicole Lapierre Photography, and the amazing team at FRED. on Agricola!

Rebecca, Lisa, and Kate all eagerly grabbed up their tickets as soon as they were available and we’re so lucky they did since it sold out so fast. The whole night was wonderful. On arriving there were tables with beautiful settings and a main table pouring with flowers. To walk in you passed the many potted and bouquets of flowers by The Flower Shop and Fred’s team was serving hot and chilled beverages to parched guests.

Here are some snaps from the night.


The tables were all set for us with the bare crowns and some foliage.


No crown. So plain!


Nicole and Sandy demonstrated how to wrap your crown.

It’s very important that the wrapped ends go in the front so that your flowers end up covering that bit.

It also give the flowers more surface to wrap around.


You pick your flowers from the over-flowing tiers on a large table.


A perfected combination of large, medium, and small flowers as well as some additional foliage.

At this point we started arranging the flowers and developing our ideas.


An idea! But now we have to start fixing the flowers to the crown.

There are little bits of floral wire to help but there’s lots of weaving ahead.


Nicole and Sandy explain that it’s good to have the flowers positioned so you see flowers when you look up and down.

Hmmn, I’m not settled at this point. I think it’s the big daisy.


Two blossoms look much better. I’m done!

Now to go see Fred and his team for a make-over!

08FinalCrownFeeling fabulous! Fred’s team made me feel gorgeous!

I walked out with a fantastic flower crown and a pot of pretty flowers from The Flower Shop.


The next day we wore our crowns to work.


Duly Noted Stationery now carries the Flower Crown Kits by OH DINA!

They’re 29.95 each and no two packs have the same colour combinations.

They make lovely gifts and are a fun activity for one person or a group.

Can you imagine doing these at a birthday, bridal, or tea party?

– Kate