Shea and Curtis

We were so pleased to see these beautiful photos on the Candace Berry Photography’s Blog! She is such an amazing photographer and does a great job capturing weddings. She incorporates our wedding stationery in such a beautifully styled way. We’re excited whenever we see a new blog post pop-up.

Way back in the cold, dark, depths of Halifax February, Shea and Curtis brightened up our little shop, along with Katelyn (Elegant Productions), when they came in to design their custom invitations for their summer wedding in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Shea had a clear vision of what she wanted to create – something reminiscent of folk art with floral details, whimsical polka dots and loose script in pale blush and gold.

Shea & Curtis's Healy Farm Wedding | Candace Berry Photography

In our cozy consultation area, we brainstormed ideas with Shea and Katelyn and picked out beautiful papers and envelopes with a hint of shimmer. We decided on a champagne gold liner in a blush envelope to compliment the gold dots printed in the background of the invitation. Shea & Curtis's Healy Farm Wedding | Candace Berry Photography

Our designer illustrated little floral accents for the corners of the invitation in pink and blue.Shea & Curtis's Healy Farm Wedding | Candace Berry Photography

We even spied a “Girl, you look Skinny” card that was hand lettered by our designer, r. dimock.  Many of her clever, quirky greeting cards are available in the shop. Shea & Curtis's Healy Farm Wedding | Candace Berry Photography

A sweet little circular seal was placed on the back flap of the envelope with the couple’s names. Hand drawn cursive fonts were chosen to give the invitation a playful and effortless look, paired with simple round fonts and skinny caps.

Shea & Curtis's Healy Farm Wedding | Candace Berry Photography

Shea & Curtis's Healy Farm Wedding | Candace Berry PhotographyCongratulations Shea and Curtis!  All the best to you both.


The Duly Noted Team



We’re Invested in Your Invitations



There are many options available for your invitation suite. Our staff strive to help create something personal and special for all our customers. We strongly feel that you should have all of the possible options available to help create a memorable piece and to meet all of your guides and time frames, should you have any.

We hope that you feel the complete work will be an enjoyable representation of you both on your wedding day as well as something to keep, remember, and cherish in the future. A welcome memory of the Big Day.

Your invitation will hang on fridges and be passed around the table. It will be carried around like a golden ticket on the day of the wedding, put into scrap books, framed and hung on walls, and kept by guests, friends, and family.

Have you been imaging stationery that fits any of these themes?

Classic | Natural | Letterpress | Mint & Coral | Floral | Petite | Exuberant

We aim to create stationery that makes you excited; each time you see it or imagine your friends opening them. Let us create something for you! Come in for a free consultation to browse what we have to show and talk about the options available to you.


The Duly Noted Team

What is a Save the Date?

save the date for the wedding on the tall ship silva in halifax, nova scotiaWe are preparing for our first round of Save the Dates for the upcoming season.

Some people are confused by Save the Dates – what is the difference between a Save the Date and an Invitation?

Good question.

Save the Dates are sent around six months (or more) in advance with the  date, and place of the wedding. Sometimes Save the Dates are sent even when the couple hasn’t decided on a venue, time, or details that will be included on the invitation.

Save the Dates are a way of saying:

We really want you to come to our wedding! [We may not have all the details yet] Please reserve that weekend for us.

If you receive a Save the Date, be excited! You can expect a lovely invitation to follow and you know you have a celebration to look forward to.

We love creating Save the Dates, as simple or as detailed as you need them, and customized to perfection.

Come on in to talk about Save the Dates or any other invitation questions you have!


The Duly Noted Team

Soft Touches

day of wedding stationery custom made by duly noted stationery with elegant productions

Some weddings are all about the glitz and glamour. Some elegant and some simple.

We love to design for every kind of affair. From gold glitter envelope liners to our classic pearl white cardstock, it is always a treat to meet our new couple and see what kind of journey they will start with us.

Sometimes a couple wants to downplay the extravagance of the details or create items that will will blend perfectly into the background. Either way, they want their details to be just as they envisioned, or better.

We love to get a feel for the look you are aiming for and create stationery to match. It’s exciting to help achieve a look a couple has in mind, or have the freedom to create something special for couples who are open to all possibilities.

What kind of stationery would you choose for your special day? It’s always a treat to find out.

Come in for a free consultation and start dreaming of the details.

We would love to help!


The Duly Noted Team

Rainy Maritime Weddings

duly noted halifax wedding in the rain candace berry photography

Well, it happens.

Celebrations on our lovely coast sometime come with damp weather, grey skies, and a bit of water sprinkling from the sky. This doesn’t mean your day is anything less than magical!

Keep in mind that no matter what happens this day is as it’s meant to be. Sometimes the rain will add an extra cozy, special, and carefree feeling, and can be fun to play in when celebrating.

Certainly the photos still look lovely:

Halifax Wedding Photographer, Candace Berry Photography, Halifax Nova Scotia, Ocean Stone Resort
Photo by Candace Berry Photography |

Fog, mist, and grey skies can do wonderful things for your photography scenes.

Enjoy your day for whatever it brings, and remember that even stationery can survive the most unlikely weather!

And so do your memories.


The Duly Noted Team

Photos from the website of an incredibly talented local photographer Candace Berry

Wedding Menus and Special Details


IMG_20150809_154000~2We enjoy creating special details for our clients, and it’s fun to make your wedding day special for your guests.

Menus and other personalized items are a lovely feature for any event. When your guests sit down they have something to pick up, admire, and these items make them feel like loved guests.

It’s smart to outline the meal for your guests and it creates instant excitement.

You can also add details like a Thank You message, include the wedding #hashtag, and let them know what’s happening after the meal. Make sure your guests are leaving room for cake, the late night snack, or getting their dance game ready!

Menus are fun to read, special to receive, and an elegant touch to your dreamy wedding.

We would love to talk menus with you anytime, stop by or book an appointment on our website!


The Duly Noted Team

To DIY or not to DIY wedding stationery

this is a photo of a custom wedding place card customized and made by Duly Noted Stationery in Halifax, Nova Scotia

this is a photo of a custom wedding place card customized and made by Duly Noted Stationery in Halifax, Nova ScotiaHello Dear Friends,

Last week one of our brides from last summer came in and as usual, we were delighted to see her and hear about her special day. One interesting note was that she wished she had used Duly Noted Stationery to do her place cards.

We did her custom invitations and a seating chart for the wedding, however the place cards were something she thought she could easily do on her own. It does sound easy enough: printing out some names and folding the cards. However, it takes a lot more time than one may expect.

Finding enough matching cardstock, selecting your font, design, fiddling with the printer, hand cutting, folding, and keeping track of all the guest names, adds up to a lot of time and pressure.

For our lovely bride, this time and effort was not worth it.

When you order custom stationery with us, you get the luxury of:

– a custom and personalized design

– picking up physical proofs and seeing exactly what they will look like on your table

– making changes and tweaks with ease

– sending off an email with your guest names and leaving the rest to us

– picking up your stationery, wrapped in ribbon and tissue organized by table, and ready to set out for your big day

We want to make this experience special and exciting, instead of stressful or draining.

The time before your wedding is something to be enjoyed, treasured, and we like to help make it special.

Let us take care of the details and you can enjoy the day.


The Duly Noted Team